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The Poisoned Pawn - A Remake of Tex Murphy: Overseer - by Chaotic Fusion.

Update December 4 2015

State of things

2D Art:

Development on 2d textures for: Newspapers, Magazines, Diplomas, Fax....

3D Locations/Models:

More work has been done on the 3d components for Alcatraz, Tex's Office and a new travel location which I wont spoil, at least not here anyway. On Alcatraz, we are working to capture the original Alcatraz's interior. For example, we are looking at the original cell interior for objects such as the cot, wall-table, bed, toilet, and sink. We are also looking at vidphone models to get it more consistent with the vidphone shown in the FMVs.

FMV Remastering:

After taking a look at the DVD rendering of FMV videos, we are looking to remaster video files in 5 different aspects.

  1. Aspect #1 Consistent letterboxing. (Per Wikipeida: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Letterboxing_(filming) Letterboxing is effectively transferring film shot in widescreen to a standard width.)
  2. Aspect #2 Changing the footage to progressive instead of interlaced. (Progressive techniques are used to reduced flickering.)
  3. Aspect #3 Removing field mismatching which causes issues such as frame errors.
  4. Aspect #4 Better bitrate constraints.
  5. Aspect #5 Reducing over-saturation of color.


Our latest focus has been on the music on Linsky's House and Warehouse.


Our team had a discussion on whether or not the numerical point system, that has been commonly used in adventure games, should be brought back and the response was an overwhelmingly yes. On that note, prototypes have been made for Domino Puzzle and Anasazi Gear puzzle that have a structure for both the move and time based scoring as seen in the Pandora Directive. The idea is to now have change some of the puzzles in Overseer to now have movement scoring instead of all of the puzzles being time based.


We have developed a prototype for examining inventory and game datas that I'm really excited about. Instead of automatic handled examining, the player will have the ability to zoom, rotate, and interact with objects.


Specific vidphone interactions are being looked at such as the contact list, Ask About topics, and messages.


Translations for German, French, Spanish are now in the advanced stage with Italian starting soon.

Current Events:

It's Cyber Monday, so happy shopping!

So, as you can see we are mastering individual components to create Poisoned Pawn and now I introduce you to our newest team member Matthew Buckstein.

Bjyman: The Poisoned Pawns

Media Stuff

Also, in every edition, we will give you an exclusive sneak peak into some of the work done. This may be along the lines of an FAQ, screenshots, video, audio, interviews or maybe a game play video.


Relaxing at some beach + making off Tex his vidPhone + Alcatraz (12/04/2015)

Ingame footage

Test of remastering the videos (12/04/2015)

Test of remastering the videos