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The Poisoned Pawn - A Remake of Tex Murphy: Overseer - by Chaotic Fusion.

Update December 24 2015

Merry Christmas

Alright, this update isn't as long, but for a good reason: Christmas! Christmas is a gathering of relaxation, celebration and laughter and to reflect back upon the year. It's also a season for wishes, miracles, and hope. I also remember some cookies and snow in the mix. So, Merry Christmas!

On that note, we have an Adventure Gamers video from our film master, Cubase, where he talks about the future of Tex and derivatively FMV games. Exciting stuff, because I think if done right for certain games, that aren't like Grim Fandango, FMV adds that extra touch of realism. So get the amenities going, watch the video, and enjoy the things to come!

Media Stuff

Also, in every edition, we will give you an exclusive sneak peak into some of the work done. This may be along the lines of an FAQ, screenshots, video, audio, interviews or maybe a game play video.

Adventure Gamers 2015 Christmas Message - Mat Van Rhoon (02/05/2016)