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The Poisoned Pawn - A Remake of Tex Murphy: Overseer - by Chaotic Fusion.

Update 4 April 2015

About updates

Writing the fortnightly update is proving to be more of a challenge than I originally thought. With a bi-weekly publication you need to tread the fine line between spoiling the project by giving too much of it away before release and saying absolutely nothing at all. Thank goodness I didn’t recommend that we launch weekly!

If the classic era of 3D Realms and the production history of Duke Nukem Forever was to only teach the gaming community one thing, it would have to be that even major development studios, it’s an uphill battle to keep things on schedule. That’s not me getting on my high horse or using this blog as an opportunity to take a jab at them, I happen to be quite the fan of theirs. But even as a fan, amongst all the drama, creativity and excdataent surrounding their output back in the day, you can’t help it feel that (despite their talent) perhaps they had set the bar a notch too high.

This gives us, The Poisoned Pawns, some very serious and nerve racking questions of our own to answer.

So where does that leave an officially endorsed fan project? The truth is that I have no idea at all. Much like a development studio, we’ve set goals and milestones along with an overall projection of what we’d like the project to be. Each of us come from different places in the world with different time zones and personal commitments. We’re career people, we’re students and at least one of us is a father and husband. So how on earth do you balance the demands of real life against a project that, at least for now, has absolutely no physical parameters to it? Well, you bring one thing to the project that perhaps some major development studios overlook: passion.

That’s why we’re doing this which is how the project is coordinating so brilliantly so far. Did I also mention that we’re still open to contributions from people who want to have involvement in the project?.

State of things

We’re progressing steadily. My tasks so far have included, alongside the running of this blog, going into the original game and recapturing all of the levels and datas in the game. This was actually a little more tedious than it sounds and if I really had to be honest, it felt like a chore toward the end of it. For those attempting to run Overseer on Windows 8, you’ll know precisely what I’m referring to. This goes back to what I was discussing in issue # 1 where the game is practically unplayable in terms of its inability to integrate with contemporary operating systems ad hardware.

The game continually crashed to which the only solution to this issue was to reset the PC because any attempt to return to the game would be barred. Worst of all, the crashes were irregular. There was no pattern to it. It would just crash pretty much when it suited it. The time allotted to the tasks were basically tripled. But, the good news is that all locations and datas have been captured so when they are replicated in the gaming environment you can be sure they will absolutely resemble the look tone and feel of the surroundings experienced in Overseer. These elements are obviously very informative of the overall “level” outlay of each location to which we are very meticulously integrating into UNITY 5. For those who have a background in programming in C# and Java or gaming development in general, incorporation of objects and assets needs to be planned from the outset, it’s not just something which can be done on an ad hoc basis as you progress along.

Meanwhile, the cinematics are a work in progress due to the challenges involved in both upscaling the quality of the video and incorporating into UNITY 5. But we have Mat Van Rhoon. That guarantees two things: it will work and we’ll have no say at all in it. Have I said enough? Too much? Too little?

Media Stuff

Also, in every edition, we will give you an exclusive sneak peak into some of the work done. This may be along the lines of an FAQ, screenshots, video, audio, interviews or maybe a game play video.