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The Poisoned Pawn - A Remake of Tex Murphy: Overseer - by Chaotic Fusion.

Update July 16 2015

Welcome again

Welcome to Issue #7, AKA the first 'Eietnightly' Big Finish. We’re hoping this new format will give us more time to actually have interesting things to share, and to spend more of our time working on Poisoned Pawn, and less writing about it.

As many of you know, it’s easy to make big leaps and bounds at the beginning of a project, but the pace seems to fall off a bit after that initial period. There are several reasons for this, principally that all of the low hanging fruit is already picked and what remains is more time consuming. Also, first drafts are easier to bang out than polishing ones, so there’s that as well.

It feels like we’ve exited the ‘quick-and-dirty’ phase and are working on that higher hanging fruit. Of course, over the coming months, I’m sure we’ll look back at this summer and think that we really were still just getting started.

State of things

Some of the recent progress includes data mining the original game files for all of the text from the game- all voice overs, cutscene and "AskAbout" text- not only so that we have it in English, but so that our volunteer translators could start working.

Our translation efforts have been moving quite well- Spanish and Italian efforts have been started, as well as the updates to the original German and French translations. If there are other languages you’d like to see supported in the game (Russian, anyone?) then please contact us.

Our location builder and prop modelers have been hard at work creating and filling the world of Poisoned Pawn. We estimate we’re about 50% done with locations- which sounds fantastic, but that last 5% will probably take as long as the first 30%. We’re preparing some video from the locations and props to share next month- so look forward to that.

Video playback in games seems like it should be a simple matter, but for anyone who’s looked into it- it’s a field rife with peril. (Some may recall the green screen issues that plagued Tesla Effect's early days). We’ve made some recent progress on our own video playing solution that should enable us to provide high video quality at a fair size- without having to pay big bucks for a license.

The Dialog system is coming along and early dialogs are playable.

Our musical talent has been back in the studio- laying down some new tracks. We’ve heard a few early cuts that are sounding great! Once those are fit to share, we're sure you’ll agree.

Things are moving forward! There’s still a mountain of work left to do, but we’re chipping away at it as best we can.