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The Poisoned Pawn - A Remake of Tex Murphy: Overseer - by Chaotic Fusion.

Update August 17 2015

State of things

Making a steady progress on building the locations. Going back to some of the locations that were build at the beginning of this project and put some time on detailed stuff (showed in the video: Inside Poisoned Pawn). A new prop modeler has joined our team, Mr. Doug Vandegrift gives us some help when his job at TruGolf allows it. We want to thank Chris Jones for believing in our work and his support.

Our modelers RedStar and Doug and our 2d art guys Marinedalek and Nacho, done some great work to recreate the significant models and art from the original game. We try to make the Tex world as detailed as possible.

Stinkypelmet our ask about/conversation guy has made a huge progress to implement the first videos in the game, looks very good. Now Mat van Rhoon has to swing his magic wand to make them shiny as possible. He will start his work in the next few weeks he promised.

Our music guy Justin, has taken some time off for touring, good luck Justin! - Next month he will return and continue his great work on new tunes for the game.

And like before: Things are moving forward! There’s still a mountain of work left to do, but we’re chipping away at it as best we can.

UndyingSpite: The Poisoned Pawns

Media Stuff

Also, in every edition, we will give you an exclusive sneak peak into some of the work done. This may be along the lines of an FAQ, screenshots, video, audio, interviews or maybe a game play video.


Chris Jones watches ingame footage (08/17/2015)

Chris Jones watches some ingame footage

Replacing the clock puzzle (making off) + Update Tex His office. (08/17/2015)

Ingame footage