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The Poisoned Pawn - A Remake of Tex Murphy: Overseer - by Chaotic Fusion.

Update April 1 2016

Where we are at

Another month has passed and that can mean only one thing. It’s time for another update! This month the focus has been on our demo, with work focused on Tex’s Office, Linsky’s House and Linsky’s Warehouse. Here’s where we’re at:


Some brand new tracks has been recorded over the last few weeks. Classic Tex Murphy style and a really intense tune for Alcatraz. Sounds very nice!


Tex’s Office and the Warehouse are nearly complete. Work is primarily focused on completing Linsky’s House, implementing voiceovers and interactions.


Some work has been done on audio that allows ambient audio and music to continue playing over FMV sequences. One possible way we can use this is that the sound of speeders passing by in Tex’s office won’t disappear during scenes, which could provide a less jarring experience. Alternatively, the office theme music could play over a sequence like looking at Boyd’s Life.

The vidphone is now fully functional and work is being done on AID. Some other scripts have been written and improved related to examining, door and drawer opening/closing effects and storage for hints, ask abouts, locations and the vidphone that will be important in implementing the game’s save and load system.

2D Art

The focus here has been on letters, notes, insurance policies and the like with an emphasis on the first three locations.

3D Art

The 3D models are moving along with new models and animations being implemented for the demo. Here’s a quick peak at some of the animations that have been done:

Animation of the envelope and wallet (04/01/2016)

One last thing...

Here’s a little treat for all of you:

** We noticed that IE11/EDGE will provide the best quality for this video (really), it's closer to the original. Firefox is too bright and pale. Chrome seems to be a bit unsharp. But that's just our experience.

A demo that was suposed to be internal (04/01/2016)

Coming soon

You know these two guys right? Talking about "The Poisoned Pawn". Coming soon...