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The Poisoned Pawn - A Remake of Tex Murphy: Overseer - by Chaotic Fusion.

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Chaotic Fusion

Chaotic Fusion is the new name of the development team bringing the Poisoned Pawn to life! It seemed a very appropriate name as we are a team of individuals, each with their own unique talent, from many corners of the globe, fusing together to create something wonderful.

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Official Fan Project

Poisoned Pawn is more than a mere fan project. It is an official project backed by the support Big Finish Games and is a full-fledged video game release intended to please longtime fans and to further expand Tex Murphy's audience beyondwhat has been achieved with Tesla Effect.

Why remake a classic video game, you ask? Unlike some of the classic films that inspired the Tex Murphy series such as Blade Runner, Casablanca and Raiders of the Lost Ark, which should never be remade, the same cannot be said for classic video games. Unlike films, games are aged and worn by time and technology. But, through the process of remaking, video games have the potential to be reinvigorated and made better than ever. It can also expose an older game to a younger audience unfamiliar with these classics.

The timing for this project could not be any better. Other games recently receiving the fan remake treatment include Black Mesa (a remake of Half Life) and Deus Ex Revision. Both Big Finish Games and the small team working on Poisoned Pawn feel that Tex Murphy's origin story is worth retelling for both longtime and new fans. If your first Tex adventure was Tesla Effect, then Poisoned Pawn is an ideal next step. Its story leads directly into the events portrayed in Tesla Effect and features two of Tesla's major characters in a substantial role.

Poisoned Pawn?

Our mission is to remake Tex Murphy: Overseer in its entirety on the recently released UNITY 5 engine. Along with all of the original cinematics, puzzles, conversations, story and settings, Poisoned Pawn will feature new and expanded settings, brand new puzzles and even more immersive gameplay. Poisoned Pawn is truly a step forward in the evolution of Tex Murphy and will take the lessons learned from 2014's Tesla Effect and build upon what made that title a success.Best of all, the project has the blessing of Tesla Effect's developer, Big Finish Games (BFG), including Tex Murphy himself, Chris Jones.We would also like to extend a very special thanks to BFG's Steve for his support of the project.